Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is installed on your computer or other devices when accessing certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page to personalize and facilitate navigation as well as improve the user's experience on the website, storing their browsing habits.

What is the importance of cookies?

The storage of cookies on your computer is very useful to store your browsing preferences, so that the website recognizes you and facilitates your stay, improving your online experience.

Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to understand the way in which users use our site in such a way that certain services do not have each time they are reconfigured each time. For example, they help us to know which is your favorite center or keep information of your shopping basket between visits.

Analysis cookies

These cookies allow us to study how a user behaves while browsing our website, so that we can quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyze the use they make of our different services, in order to improve and update them. Among these cookies are those of Google Analytics and are never associated with any personal data.

Other third-party cookies

In some of our pages third-party cookies can be installed that are used to manage and improve the services of these, for example the links to social networks to share our content.

Acceptance of cookies

We consider that you accept the cookies policy of our website if you continue navigating through it, being informed of this fact by means of a message at the bottom of the page.

How can I configure my preferences?

You can always allow, block or delete the cookies that are installed or that you already have installed on your computer by configuring the options of each of the browsers that you use to visit the web.

We attach the links of the main browsers where they explain the way in which you can configure the treatment they make of cookies: